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For more information on Oak Grove Lutheran School and giving opportunities, please contact the Advancement Office. A member of our development team will be happy to assist you.


Oak Grove’s Advancement Department exists to carry forward the mission of the school. Literally hundreds of individuals, businesses and congregations play a crucial role in funding the educational experiences of Oak Grove students. The efforts of the Advancement Department center on building relationships with those who share a passion for equipping young men and women with a solid academic foundation within a Christian context.

The Advancement Department tells the unfolding story of challenges and opportunity within the Oak Grove family. Aware of Oak Grove’s rich tradition and colorful heritage throughout the past century, this department invites continued participation in funding the current programs and in shaping the future vision.

A variety of activities and events create occasions for alumni, parents and volunteers to interact with students, faculty and staff. Quality relationships lead to significant financial support. In the words of one development officer, “Friend-raising is fund-raising.” Through the Grover Club, Parents’ Association, Alumni reunions and a series of special events, a close-knit kinship develops among the friends of Oak Grove.

The links at left detail various programs and opportunities for personal engagement with Oak Grove’s family. Please explore the range of possibilities, from a host of events to endowment giving, which maintains a relationship far into the future.

Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated.

Teacher Wish List

Want to support our classrooms? Oak Grove faculty updates a Wish List of items they would like to enhance their teaching and our student experience.

10 Ft. Mini Net

Requested by: Mrs. Mevold/Mr. Carlson
Purpose: For physical education
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $94.54
Can be purchased: from http://www.enasco.com/ (does not need to be purchased from this site)
Quantity: 4


Request by: Mrs. Morken
Purpose: For art classroom/general north campus use
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $1,400-2,000
Can be purchased: online, view example of item from Factory Express

Heat Press

Requested by: Mrs. Morken
Purpose: For preserving students’ artwork that gets crinkled, or had been painted, glued, etc.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $300-500
Can be purchased: online, view example of item

BALT Extra-Long Presentation Cart (18.5x30x40.75) in cherry

Requested by: Mr. Langseth
Purpose: For computer presentation/storage
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $325
Can be purchased: from Reardon Office Supplies, Fargo, item #SKU: BLT27577

Tables, Chairs, Posters, Stickers

Requested by: Miss Laqua
Purpose: For Spanish class activities. Spanish class is very activity-based; students often work in groups or partners. Also, I rearrange my classroom often in order to accommodate different activities. For several activities, I just like to use chairs, but the size of the classroom does not permit both chairs AND desks. Tables and chairs are easier to work into an activity than are desks.
Spanish posters not only make the classroom look nice, they help students remember short phrases. Learning these phrases helps them to transfer grammatical concepts.
As while it may sound silly, winning a sticker really motivates students. I distribute stickers after various activities; students really seem to like it.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price:
    $73.00 per table
    $24.00 per chair
    $3.25 = Think before you speak poster
    $3.25 = You can’t get anywhere poster
    $30.00 = Sticker Pack
    $7.00 = Praise Words Stickers
    $4.50 = Christian Book Stickers
Can be purchased:
Tables: https://www.schooloutfitters.com/catalog/product_info/pfam_id/PFAM4097/products_id/PRO7119 (preferably in red, green and blue)
Chairs: https://www.schooloutfitters.com/catalog/product_family_info/cPath/CAT10_CAT1458/pfam_id/PFAM2691
Posters: Piensa antes de hablar. (Think before you speak.) = http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-181-P01072
         Tú no puedes llegar a ninguna… (You can’t get anywhere unless you begin) = http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-181-P01071
http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-083-E00640 (Spanish Praise Words)
http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/ItemSearch--search-stickers--page-2 (several pages of stickers)
http://www.christianbook.com/paquete-de-536-calcoman-as-en-espanol/pd/609640/1259145026?item_code=WW&netp_id=385978&event=PPCSRC&view=details (Christian Book Site)

The Hold Up - (tag board strips)

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: Put on hallway walls to eliminate stapling art work up
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $59.99
Can be purchased: Calloway House
Item Number/Purchase Info: 67-36798

North Campus Kitchen Needs

Requested by: Sam Jonckowski, food service manager
Items needed by: Anytime
     - Commercial rice cooker with liner--$270 plus shipping
     - Service Cart—(for dishes)--$151 plus shipping
     - Service carts—( for food)—need 2--$180 each x 2=$360 plus shipping
     - Anti-fatigue floor mats—need 4--$138 each x 4=$414 plus shipping
     - New 3 compartment serving wells--$1,400 plus shipping and installation
     - New printer in the kitchen for staff use — price unknown
     - New soup bowls—need 20 dozen--$57.49/dozen x 20=$574.90 plus shipping
     - Commercial Blender--$106.99 plus shipping
Can be purchased: All items except the printer can be ordered from US Foods, www.USFequipmentandsupplies.com.

Phonics and Vocabulary Games

Requested by: Mrs. Schnele
Purpose: Phonics and vocabulary games not only motivate students to build words but encourages them to apply their current knowledge and reading skills to decode unfamiliar words.
Item needed by: Anytime
     - Word Ladders: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/102554/Unifix%c2%ae_Word_Ladders_Blends.aspx, $8.95
     - Blend cubes set: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/103620/Unifix%c2%ae_Blend_Cubes_Set.aspx, $17.25
     - Letter cubes set: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/102458/Unifix%c2%ae_CVC_Letter_Cubes_Set.aspx, $17.25
     - Building Words Instant Learning Center, $24.95
     - Phonics Magnetic Word Building Boards, $99.00
     - Mastering Phonics Games Library, $95.00
     - Vocabulary Building Games Library - Grades 1-3, $95.00
     - Jet-Boat Harbor: Short Vowels Game, $24.95

Books on CDs

Requested by: Mrs. Zimmerman
Purpose:  For Daily 5.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: about $20 each
Can be purchased: Amazon.com
The classroom does not have books on CDs, so any books your child would like is okay also. Examples of books: Call of the Wild, Black Beauty, Little House on Prairie, Roald Dall CD Collection, Charlotte's Web, My Friend Flicka, Eragon, Eldest, and Red Pyramid.

Curriculum for Small Groups

Requested by: Ms. Quamme
Purpose: Improve small groups, indivdual sessions and class room guidance
Item needed by: Anytime
Can be purchased: www.CounselorResources.com
NBN141-MAI- Its a Bad Day- $15.95
AK119-MAI - Lucy and the Bully- $16.99
AK108-MAI - Nobody Knew What to Do - $16.99
MNP131-MAI - Samantha Jane's Missing Smile - $9.95
MNP121-MAI- Was it the Chocolate Pudding -$9.95
FC106-MAI- Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore - $6.95
AHP101-MAI- Kids Divorce Workbook- $11.95
CTC103-MAI- Personal Space Camp- $9.95
AUD011-MAI - Ungame- $25.00
BX181-MAI- Anger Card Game- $21.95

Mammut 3 Drawer Chest- light blue or blue

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: To store dramatic play items
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $149.00
Can be purchased: www.ikea.com  Article # 900.991.53

Small Podium (mobile)

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: Daily Five
Item needed by: ASAP
Approximate price: $99.00
Can be purchased: www.seventhavenue.com

Magnetic Big Money

Requested by: Mrs. Spriggs
Purpose: To use as a model when learning about coins.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $34.95
Can be purchased: Lakeshore Products

Unifex Cubes RA313

Requested by: Mrs. Spriggs
Purpose: To make a patterns, build ten, learn about place value and number sense.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $24.95
Can be purchased: Lakeshore Products

Magazine Subscriptions

Requested by: Mrs. Molm
Purpose: Student reading through the library.
Item needed by: Preferred subscription to start either now or August.
Approximate price: $13.00-29.95 each
Can be purchased: www.magazines.com or www.christianbook.com
Requested titles:
    - Dog Fancy
    - Cat Fancy
    - Young Rider
    - Clubhouse
    - Clubhouse Jr.

Oak Grove Board of Regents

The Board of Regents are selected by the Eastern North Dakota and Northwestern Minnesota synods of the ELCA to oversee all operations of the school.

* Executive Committee

Chairperson Roger Olson – Fargo, ND *

Biographical Information: Roger Olson was born and raised in western North Dakota. He is a graduate of the University of North Dakota and the UND School of Law. Roger has worked in administration at Concordia College since 2001. Prior to Concordia, he practiced law in Dickinson, N.D. and operated a consulting business in Fargo. He has served his church congregation in various capacities including pastoral call committees, church council, youth ministry, service projects and stewardship drives. Roger and his wife, Ann, have three sons.

Oak Grove Association: Roger is a parent to three Oak Grove alumni.

Employer: Concordia College

“I believe strongly in the mission of Oak Grove Lutheran School. I am passionate about delivering high quality education to students, furthering their Christian walk, creating a strong sense of community for students and their families, and encouraging students to look beyond themselves to positively impact the lives of others.”

Jerilynn Brantner Adams – Fargo, ND

Biographical Information: 

Jerilynn is a 1986 graduate of Oak Grove and is the daughter of June and Jerry Brantner.

She went on to graduate from the University Of North Dakota School Of Law and is a partner at Vogel Law Firm in Fargo. She is a member of the Cass, State and American Bar Associations.

Jerilynn currently serves on the board of trustees at Bethany Retirement Living and the YWCA Endowment Committee. She reflects on her time at Oak Grove as a time for learning not only how to become a productive member of society; but, through the talented and caring faculty, learning what it means to be a Christian and make a difference in the world.

Jerilynn is married to Jon Adams and they have two sons Christian '15, junior and Jackson, class of 2017.

Jerilynn also was also inducted in the Oak Grove Hall of Fame in October of 2013.

Oak Grove Association: Alumnus and parent of an Oak Grove grad and current student.

Employer: Vogel Law Firm

Bishop Terry Brandt – Fargo, ND, Eastern ND Synod

Biographical Information: 

Oak Grove Association: Bishop Brandt is an ex-officio member of the Board, because he is the bishop of the Eastern North Dakota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—one of Oak Grove’s two supporting synods.

Employer: Eastern North Dakota Synod, ELCA

Dan Bueide – Fargo, ND, Foundation Board chair *


Dr. Paul Dovre – Moorhead, MN

Biographical Information: Paul Dovre served in the U.S. Army prior to receiving a bachelor’s of arts degree from Concordia College in Moorhead. He received his master’s and doctorate degrees from Northwestern University. He spent his career at Concordia College, serving as a faculty member, dean and president. He is a member of Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead.

Oak Grove Association: Dr. Dovre is a past staff member of Oak Grove Lutheran School and has many Grover alumni in his family.

Employer: Concordia College

“My professional life has involved Lutheran education. I have seen the impact of Oak Grove in many dimensions and am committed to her life and mission.”

Lowell Larson – Moorhead, MN *

Biographical Information: Lowell and Joanne Larson have been residents of Moorhead for 30 years and are members of Trinity Lutheran Church. They are the proud parents of three grown children and ten grandchildren.

Beginning in 1986, Lowell served Concordia College as director of Cultural Events. A 1965 graduate of Concordia, he served as conductor of high school choral activities in Wisconsin. In 1981, he returned to his alma mater as conductor of the Freshman, Chapel and Bel Canto choirs while serving as director of music at Trinity Lutheran Church in Moorhead. For 25 years Lowell fulfilled many varied administrative duties at the college and for his service to Concordia College, the Ole and Lucy Flatte Distinguished Service Award was conferred on him in 2001.

In 1984, Lowell founded and served as artistic director of the Master Chorale, an auditioned choir for dedicated singers in the Fargo-Moorhead community.

Employer:  retired – Administration Concordia College

“I give high praise to Oak Grove Lutheran School and believe in the mission and vision of the institution. Oak Grove is an educational success story. The school continues to provide multiple educational and extra-curricular opportunities and experiences in a very healthy environment.”

Rev. Chuck Olmstead – Fargo, ND

Biographical Information:

Rev. Chuck Olmstead grew up enjoying life in a small Montana town and learned there was value in a hard day’s work. His family taught him that love is an action word. By the time he was a sophomore in high school he knew with utmost certainly that he was supposed to be a pastor. That journey of becoming a pastor took him all the way to Texas Lutheran College for his college degree and then to Luther Seminary for his pastoral education.

Following school, Pastor Chuck began ministry in 1984 at Hope Lutheran and has been there ever since. His family includes his wife, Cara, who also works at Hope Lutheran, a son, Luke; a daughter, Leah, who is married to Anthony Morrison. Anthony and Leah recently made Chuck and Cara grandparents!

Pastor Chuck is excited to join Oak Grove’s Board of Regents because education and vocation are linked to biblical truth that we were created to live a life with God and for God. Oak Grove’ s mission, “To express God’s love by nurturing students for academic achievement, lifelong Christian commitment and loving service throughout the world,” reflects biblical truth. Pastor Chuck wholeheartedly supports this mission and looks forward to the opportunity to serve on the Board of Regents. 

Oak Grove Association: 

Employer: Senior pastor at Hope Lutheran Church

Rev. Lynn Ronsberg – Grand Forks, ND

Biographical Information: Lynn Ronsberg was born in Fargo and lived in Moorhead until she was in eighth grade. She graduated from Concordia College and then Luther Seminary in 1979. Pastor Ronsberg has served congregations in Minnesota since then, expect for her year serving as campus pastor at Oak Grove and Concordia College. Currently, she is the senior pastor at Zion Lutheran Church in Grand Rapids, MN

Oak Grove Association: Lynn is a former campus pastor at Oak Grove.

Employer: Sharon Lutheran Church, Grand Forks, North Dakota

“Though I am not an Oak Grove graduate, I feel strong connections to Oak Grove and believe strongly in its mission and ministry as a school of the ELCA.”

Jon Rustvang - Fargo, ND *

Biographical Information: Jon has just completed his third term on the Oak Grove Foundation where he was co-chair of the Centennial Campaign. He retired after 26 years with the United Parcel Service and is currently self employed.

Jon is married to Joan Rustvang and all three of their children have graduated from Oak Grove. Erin (Rustvang) Sidwell ’05, Jeffrey Rustvang ’08 and Michael ’11. Jon holds a Bachelor of Science and Master degrees from North Dakota State University. 

Oak Grove Association: Parent of three Oak Grove Alum.

Jon believes that Oak Grove has meant so much to his family and it is his responsibility to give back and help others so they may have the same experiences that his family has had.  

Shane Sharpe – Oxbow, ND *

Biographical Information:  Mr. Sharpe graduated in 1988 from Norman County West High School in Halstad, MN and in 1990 graduated from East Grand Forks Tech with a degree in Farm Management and has been a self employed farmer since then. The Sharpe’s are members of Kirkebo Lutheran Church in Perley, MN. Mr. Sharpe believes the spiritual leadership and family atmosphere has had a profound effect on his family, not just his children. The opportunity to be a part of Oak Grove in this new capacity is invaluable and he is very thankful to be given another reason to stay actively involved with the school. It is Mr. Sharpe’s sincere hope that he can bring experiences to the table that will enhance the strength of Oak Grove Lutheran School.

Oak Grove Association: Shane is parent of two Grover Alumni. Mr. Sharpe and his wife Jennifer have been involved with Oak Grove since their son Matthew started sixth grade, in the fall of 2004. For his family, it was one of the best decisions they have ever made.

Employer: self-employed

Marlys Sunderland – Fargo, ND

Biographical Information:

Mrs. Marlys Sunderland was born and raised in Glendive, Montana and grew up in the Lutheran faith.  Marlys went to NDSU from 1965-1970 and graduated with a master’s degree in food and nutrition.  She married David Sunderland in 1967 and they lived in North Fargo where they raised their two sons, Brad and Derek. They have been members of First Presbyterian Church in Fargo.

Marlys was the Bible Study Fellowship teacher leader for 17 years in Fargo.

In 2005, they began spending their winters in Fountain Hills, Arizona and return often to Fargo in the winter to watch their grandsons play hockey which they are all involved in with the Fargo Angels.

Currently David and Marlys are attending Scottsdale Bible Church in Arizona.

Oak Grove Association: Marlys is a grandparent to four Grovers.  

Employer:  retired

"It is a great privilege to be able to have the option of a Christian education and I look forward to being a prayerful supporting member and helping Oak Grove continue to flourish."

Rev. Mary Folkerds Suomala– Moorhead, MN

Biographical Information: 

Rev. Mary Suomala Folkerds is an associate pastor at Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd and she engages in all areas of ministry and interacts with all ages. Her passions in ministry include preaching, memorizing Scripture, digging into tough questions, and finding ways to connect the practices of faith into our homes. 

She is married to Aaron Suomala Folkerds who is a pastor at The Lutheran Church of Christ the King also in Moorhead. They have a son named Paul who is a ball of energy, and a daughter, Helena, who passed away in 2008. Pastor Mary graduated from Minnesota State University-Moorhead in 2001 with a degree in Russian Studies and Economics and with a Masters of Divinity degree from the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago in 2007. 

Pastor Mary loves to travel and has lived in Finland and Brazil.  

Oak Grove Association: Mary serves as Oak Grove's clergy representative from northwest Minnesota.

Employer: Lutheran Church of the Good Shepherd

Dr. Corey Teigen – Fargo, ND *

Biographical Information: Corey Teigen grew up in Moorhead, MN as one of six children. Upon graduation from Oak Grove, he attended Concordia College and received degrees in biology and chemistry. He went on to attend medical school at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, MD. Upon graduation, he married his wife, Christi, and completed his radiology residency at Mayo Medical Center in Rochester, MN. He completed his training in Miami, Florida, where he did his Interventional Radiology Fellowship. Dr. Teigen and his wife decided to return to Fargo in 1995 and have lived and raised their children here ever since.

Oak Grove Association: Dr. Teigen is a 1982 graduate of Oak Grove Lutheran School and is a current parent to two Oak Grove graduates, Josh and Luke, and two current Grover students – Emily (12th), and Jacob (11th).

Employer: Sanford Health Systems – Interventional Radiologist

“I choose to serve Oak Grove because I have a passion for Christian education. I believe in the mission of this school, and my roots grow very deeply here. I am honored to be a part of the Oak Grove community and to serve it on the Board of Regents.”

Sher Thomsen - Fargo, ND *

Biographical Information: Sher Thomsen has served as Regional Executive Director of the American Red Cross and most recently President of the United Way of Cass Clay. While President of the United Way, Sher helped to determine organizational vision and provide strategic and operational leadership for the United Way team and Board of Trustees. She helped evolve the United Way brand experience, expand engagement opportunities and grow business and resource development. 

Sher has received such awards and recognitions as; Chamber Choice - Small Non-Profit of the Year Award, 2015 Prairie Business Magazine Top 25 Women in Business, YWCA Woman of the Year Nominee and in 2014 was a featured community leader in Feature Magazine. Sher and her husband, Joel have two children at Oak Grove; Heath is a sixth grader and Pierce is a second grader.

Oak Grove association: Parent to two Oak Grove students. Health, sixth grade and Pierce, second grade.

“I see my life experiences dovetailing seamlessly with the mission and values of Oak Grove Lutheran. I was raised with our faith as a quiet daily practice of humbly helping others, to enrich and enhance well-being. My career to date serves as an extension of my faith, as I have focused on working with others, to improve the communities in which I live for the enrichment of individuals and families. Service, leadership, faith, courage and relationships have been a foundation for my family and my career to date and continues to motivate me to make a difference. Simply said, I believe God intends for each of us to leave the world, and all its inhabitants, better than we found it.  A belief I strive to put into action each day.”

The Honorable Wade Webb – Fargo, ND, District Judge, State of North Dakota

Biographical Information: The Honorable Wade Webb has served as a District Judge, State of North Dakota for 10 years. Judge Webb wishes to serve on the Oak Grove Board of Regents because it was and continues to be such a special place in his life as well as the lives of others.

Oak Grove Association: Wade Webb is a 1988 graduate of Oak Grove and has maintained many connections with Oak Grove over the years. After graduating from Oak Grove, he received his BA from Concordia College, summa cum laude, in Business and International Relations in 1992; and thereafter received a JD from UND School of Law in 1995. Judge Webb is a member of Hope Lutheran church in Fargo and presently serves on the church council.

Employer: District Court of the State of North Dakota

Bishop Larry Wohlrabe – Moorhead, MN, Northwest MN Synod

Biographical Information: Lawrence Robert Wohlrabe was born in Mankato, MN. He graduated from Minnesota State University, Mankato, and Luther Seminary, St. Paul. Luther Seminary awarded him a Doctor of Ministry degree with distinction. Ordained in 1981, he served parishes in Willmar, MN; St. James, MN; and Moorhead, MN He was also on the staff of Luther Seminary, St. Paul, and the SW MN Synod ELCA, Redwood Falls, MN Larry was elected bishop of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod on June 10, 2007. Larry's wife, Joy, is hospice and homecare social worker for St. Francis Healthcare Campus in Breckenridge, MN They have two young adult children, Erik and Kristen, both of whom live in the Twin Cities.

Oak Grove Association: Bishop Wohlrabe is an ex-officio member of the Board, because he is the bishop of the Northwestern Minnesota Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America—one of Oak Grove’s two supporting synods.

Employer: Northwestern Minnesota Synod, ELCA. Previously, he was senior pastor of Our Savior’s Lutheran Church, Moorhead, MN, which is the home congregation of several Oak Grove students and staff members.

“I am delighted to serve on the Board of Regents for Oak Grove, because I believe it is a vital way our church helps young people grow as Christian disciples and as students of God’s wondrous creation. I also believe that schools like Oak Grove do so much to shape the leaders of the church—both today’s church and the church of the future.”

Steve Zimmerman – Fargo, ND

Biographical Information: Steve Zimmerman graduated from the University of May. He is married to Kim, a 1977 graduate of Oak Grove.

Oak Grove Association: Steve is a parent to two Grover Alum.

Employer: self-employed

“I want to pay back to Oak Grove for the wonderful education that was given to our kids.”

Oak Grove Foundation Board

  • Brian Brasch – Fargo, ND
  • Dan Bueide – Fargo, ND, Chairperson
  • Patrick Chaffee – Fargo, ND
  • Marilyn Guy – Fargo, ND
  • Steve Johnson – Fargo, ND
  • Scott Kjos – Fargo, ND
  • Roger Olson – Fargo, ND, Board of Regents Chair
  • Scott Roller – Fargo, ND
  • Errol Schoenfish – Fargo, ND