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Jim Frisk,
class of 1958

Do you recognize this gentlemen rappelling down the side of this eight story building?  It’s not Spiderman, it’s actually 1958 alumnus Jim Frisk. 

This summer at 76 years old Jim rappelled down the side of the Black Building in Fargo.  Jim was helping raise money and awareness for a local charity called Charism that provides support and outreach programs for at-risk children, youth and adults in Fargo, ND.  Jim and his wife Julie, continue to live out the mission of Oak Grove in all they do and we couldn’t be more proud of the life they have lived and the example they are to all of us.  We are honored to call you a Grover!  Thanks Jim and keep up the great work in our community.

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For more information on Oak Grove Lutheran School and giving opportunities, please contact the Advancement Office. A member of our development team will be happy to assist you.


Oak Grove’s Advancement Department exists to carry forward the mission of the school. Literally hundreds of individuals, businesses and congregations play a crucial role in funding the educational experiences of Oak Grove students. The efforts of the Advancement Department center on building relationships with those who share a passion for equipping young men and women with a solid academic foundation within a Christian context.

The Advancement Department tells the unfolding story of challenges and opportunity within the Oak Grove family. Aware of Oak Grove’s rich tradition and colorful heritage throughout the past century, this department invites continued participation in funding the current programs and in shaping the future vision.

A variety of activities and events create occasions for alumni, parents and volunteers to interact with students, faculty and staff. Quality relationships lead to significant financial support. In the words of one development officer, “Friend-raising is fund-raising.” Through the Grover Club, Parents’ Association, Alumni reunions and a series of special events, a close-knit kinship develops among the friends of Oak Grove.

The links at left detail various programs and opportunities for personal engagement with Oak Grove’s family. Please explore the range of possibilities, from a host of events to endowment giving, which maintains a relationship far into the future.

Your support and partnership is greatly appreciated.

Teacher Wish List

Want to support our classrooms? Oak Grove faculty updates a Wish List of items they would like to enhance their teaching and our student experience.

10 Ft. Mini Net

Requested by: Mrs. Mevold/Mr. Carlson
Purpose: For physical education
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $94.54
Can be purchased: from http://www.enasco.com/ (does not need to be purchased from this site)
Quantity: 4


Request by: Mrs. Morken
Purpose: For art classroom/general north campus use
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $1,400-2,000
Can be purchased: online, view example of item from Factory Express

Heat Press

Requested by: Mrs. Morken
Purpose: For preserving students’ artwork that gets crinkled, or had been painted, glued, etc.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $300-500
Can be purchased: online, view example of item

BALT Extra-Long Presentation Cart (18.5x30x40.75) in cherry

Requested by: Mr. Langseth
Purpose: For computer presentation/storage
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $325
Can be purchased: from Reardon Office Supplies, Fargo, item #SKU: BLT27577

Tables, Chairs, Posters, Stickers

Requested by: Miss Laqua
Purpose: For Spanish class activities. Spanish class is very activity-based; students often work in groups or partners. Also, I rearrange my classroom often in order to accommodate different activities. For several activities, I just like to use chairs, but the size of the classroom does not permit both chairs AND desks. Tables and chairs are easier to work into an activity than are desks.
Spanish posters not only make the classroom look nice, they help students remember short phrases. Learning these phrases helps them to transfer grammatical concepts.
As while it may sound silly, winning a sticker really motivates students. I distribute stickers after various activities; students really seem to like it.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price:
    $73.00 per table
    $24.00 per chair
    $3.25 = Think before you speak poster
    $3.25 = You can’t get anywhere poster
    $30.00 = Sticker Pack
    $7.00 = Praise Words Stickers
    $4.50 = Christian Book Stickers
Can be purchased:
Tables: https://www.schooloutfitters.com/catalog/product_info/pfam_id/PFAM4097/products_id/PRO7119 (preferably in red, green and blue)
Chairs: https://www.schooloutfitters.com/catalog/product_family_info/cPath/CAT10_CAT1458/pfam_id/PFAM2691
Posters: Piensa antes de hablar. (Think before you speak.) = http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-181-P01072
         Tú no puedes llegar a ninguna… (You can’t get anywhere unless you begin) = http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-181-P01071
http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/Item--i-01-083-E00640 (Spanish Praise Words)
http://www.teachersdiscovery.com/ItemSearch--search-stickers--page-2 (several pages of stickers)
http://www.christianbook.com/paquete-de-536-calcoman-as-en-espanol/pd/609640/1259145026?item_code=WW&netp_id=385978&event=PPCSRC&view=details (Christian Book Site)

The Hold Up - (tag board strips)

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: Put on hallway walls to eliminate stapling art work up
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $59.99
Can be purchased: Calloway House
Item Number/Purchase Info: 67-36798

North Campus Kitchen Needs

Requested by: Sam Jonckowski, food service manager
Items needed by: Anytime
     - Commercial rice cooker with liner--$270 plus shipping
     - Service Cart—(for dishes)--$151 plus shipping
     - Service carts—( for food)—need 2--$180 each x 2=$360 plus shipping
     - Anti-fatigue floor mats—need 4--$138 each x 4=$414 plus shipping
     - New 3 compartment serving wells--$1,400 plus shipping and installation
     - New printer in the kitchen for staff use — price unknown
     - New soup bowls—need 20 dozen--$57.49/dozen x 20=$574.90 plus shipping
     - Commercial Blender--$106.99 plus shipping
Can be purchased: All items except the printer can be ordered from US Foods, www.USFequipmentandsupplies.com.

Phonics and Vocabulary Games

Requested by: Mrs. Schnele
Purpose: Phonics and vocabulary games not only motivate students to build words but encourages them to apply their current knowledge and reading skills to decode unfamiliar words.
Item needed by: Anytime
     - Word Ladders: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/102554/Unifix%c2%ae_Word_Ladders_Blends.aspx, $8.95
     - Blend cubes set: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/103620/Unifix%c2%ae_Blend_Cubes_Set.aspx, $17.25
     - Letter cubes set: http://www.eaieducation.com/Product/102458/Unifix%c2%ae_CVC_Letter_Cubes_Set.aspx, $17.25
     - Building Words Instant Learning Center, $24.95
     - Phonics Magnetic Word Building Boards, $99.00
     - Mastering Phonics Games Library, $95.00
     - Vocabulary Building Games Library - Grades 1-3, $95.00
     - Jet-Boat Harbor: Short Vowels Game, $24.95

Books on CDs

Requested by: Mrs. Zimmerman
Purpose:  For Daily 5.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: about $20 each
Can be purchased: Amazon.com
The classroom does not have books on CDs, so any books your child would like is okay also. Examples of books: Call of the Wild, Black Beauty, Little House on Prairie, Roald Dall CD Collection, Charlotte's Web, My Friend Flicka, Eragon, Eldest, and Red Pyramid.

Curriculum for Small Groups

Requested by: Ms. Quamme
Purpose: Improve small groups, indivdual sessions and class room guidance
Item needed by: Anytime
Can be purchased: www.CounselorResources.com
NBN141-MAI- Its a Bad Day- $15.95
AK119-MAI - Lucy and the Bully- $16.99
AK108-MAI - Nobody Knew What to Do - $16.99
MNP131-MAI - Samantha Jane's Missing Smile - $9.95
MNP121-MAI- Was it the Chocolate Pudding -$9.95
FC106-MAI- Mom and Dad Don't Live Together Anymore - $6.95
AHP101-MAI- Kids Divorce Workbook- $11.95
CTC103-MAI- Personal Space Camp- $9.95
AUD011-MAI - Ungame- $25.00
BX181-MAI- Anger Card Game- $21.95

Mammut 3 Drawer Chest- light blue or blue

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: To store dramatic play items
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $149.00
Can be purchased: www.ikea.com  Article # 900.991.53

Small Podium (mobile)

Requested by: Mrs. Caspers
Purpose: Daily Five
Item needed by: ASAP
Approximate price: $99.00
Can be purchased: www.seventhavenue.com

Magnetic Big Money

Requested by: Mrs. Spriggs
Purpose: To use as a model when learning about coins.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $34.95
Can be purchased: Lakeshore Products

Unifex Cubes RA313

Requested by: Mrs. Spriggs
Purpose: To make a patterns, build ten, learn about place value and number sense.
Item needed by: Anytime
Approximate price: $24.95
Can be purchased: Lakeshore Products

Magazine Subscriptions

Requested by: Mrs. Molm
Purpose: Student reading through the library.
Item needed by: Preferred subscription to start either now or August.
Approximate price: $13.00-29.95 each
Can be purchased: www.magazines.com or www.christianbook.com
Requested titles:
    - Dog Fancy
    - Cat Fancy
    - Young Rider
    - Clubhouse
    - Clubhouse Jr.